Invitation to Yabusame and Chakai in Helsinki, Finland


This year, the Kansai Japan-Finland Society (KJFS), whose president is Daisosho Hounsai, the 15th Grand Master of Urasenke chado tradition, is celebrating its 35th anniversary by arranging a rare Yabusame horseback archery event and various Chado events in Helsinki, Finland. In the upcoming event the Urasenke Tankokai Finland Association will be celebrating its 25th anniversary postponed from 2012 and the 10th anniversary of its tea room Tokuyuan, which is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Suomenlinna Fortress.

We would like to welcome all Urasenke members in Europe and elsewhere and all Midorikai alumni to take advantage of this opportunity to observe Yabusame outside of Japan and celebrate with us by sharing a bowl of tea at the various tea related events in Helsinki.

The guest of honor, representing Daisosho Hounsai, will be his grandson, Izumi Koichiro from Urasenke, Kyoto.


31 May Omatoshiki ceremony in Suomenlinna Fortress organized by KJFS
- 12-14 Tokuyuan open to public
- 13-14:30 Nodate chakai
- 14:30-16 Omatoshiki and parade
- 16-18 Chakai in Tenalji von Fersen Hall
- 18-18:30 Tokuyuan open for public
- 20- Dinner at restaurant Walhalla in Suomenlinna

1 June Yabusame archery in Laakso hippodrome
- 13-14:30 yabusame archery performance
- 18- Finland Association 25th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner

2 June Urasenke Tankokai Finland 25th Anniversary (Tokuyuan 10th Anniversary)
-9:00-15:00 Chakai in Tokuyuan (in small groups 9:00, 10:15, 11:30, 12:45 and 14:00)
- Free time (Possible activities for the night will be announced later)

3 June Finnish Summer Outing with Chabako
- Everyone, who wishes to stay a day longer, is welcome to bring along their own chabako, if they so wish, and enjoy together with us Finnish summer food and sauna in the countryside (transportation will be provided)
- 9:30-10:30 Transportation to countryside
- 10:30-12:30 Chabako
- 12:30-14.30 Picnic Lunch
- 14:30- 16:30 Sauna
- 16:30-17:30 Transportation back to Helsinki

We would be very happy, if some guests would be willing to also help with the organisations of the event, as our association is quite small.

The price for the event including all the abovementioned activities is 195 euros per person. The price does not include accommodation and transport within Helsinki. Please see the attachment for the hotel recommendations.

Please register your participation by 30 April 2014. The participation fee for late registration (paid after 30 April 2022) will be 225 euros. For registration or if you have any questions please contact Urasenke Tankokai Finland Association, Päivi Jämsä through e-mail paivi@urasenke-finland.org or by phone +358 50 5767204.


Affordable hotels:

Hotel Finne https://www.hotellifinn.fi/en/3
Hotel Arthur https://www.hotelarthur.fi/en/
Hotel Omena https://www.omenahotels.com/our-hotels/finland/

Hotel Helka (a bit further away, but near city centre) https://www.helka.fi/en

Hostel Suomenlinna (on the same island as the tearoom Tokuyuan): https://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/visitors_guide/accommodation


Haven https://www.hotelhaven.fi/en
Fabian https://www.hotelfabian.fi/en

Furnished weekly apartments:

Sato HotelHome, Kristianinkatu

Hellsten Hotel + Apartments, Helsinki Senate



Tango no sekku 4.5.2022

Hanami 18.5.2022

Yabusame and chakai 2014

Yabusame ja chakai 2014


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